How to Calculate Your Running Pace

Calculating your running pace is easy with the calculator found on With two bits of information, the running calculator will determine the pace of your run or any race.

The first piece of information you need is how many minutes and hours (if applicable) that you ran. The simplest way to determine how the time of your run is to use a watch with a stop watch build in. When you start your run, start your watch. When your run ends, stop your watch. Take note of the time. if you don’t have a watch with a timer, simply check the time on a clock before you start and when you end your run or your race.

Next, you need to determine how far you have run. The distance of your run can be determined in miles or kilometers, the running pace calculator can use either data. Determining the distance of your run can sometimes be difficult. One way to do this is right from your computer. We recommend using the Gmaps Pedometer to make a reasonable estimate of the distance of your run. You can also use the tried and true method of getting in a car and driving your route.

Now that you have the time of your run and the distance you have run, enter the data into the running pace calculator on the homepage. When the data is entered, simply click the button “Click to Calculate”. The pace of your run will be instantly displayed in the summary box.

A couple of reminders. Remember to select miles or kilometers for your running pace. If you ran a race, the calculator works the same for determining your race pace. The results display miles and kilometers, so make sure you look at the correct pace.

Note that the calculator will also determine your running speed in both miles and kilometers. Have fun, go for a run.