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Your Running Pace is Important to Track

For many runners, numbers are all that they think about. Just like most sports, numbers and stats can be taken to the extreme. Here are some of the numbers runners think about.

  • Time of running pace
  • Total time of your run
  • Distance of your run in miles or kilometers
  • Distance of your race
  • What number you place
  • A marathon is about 26 miles or approximately 42 kilometers
  • Number of repetitions or intervals
  • Personal record
  • Personal record at each age division
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • And, a lot more

With all the numbers to track, why is your running pace important. The answer is that it depends on your goals.

If you are running to prepare for a race, tracking your pace is a key indicator for what you are capable of achieving in the race. That is, you can project your approximate finishing time. Knowing your pace for a certain distance will also help you perform at your best in the race. Trying to run an even pace will be very important to finishing the race.

If you are running for health reasons, such as to lose weight, tracking your running pace is a key measure. The pace you run at the start of your health routine gives you a beginning reference point. From here, after you have run for several weeks or months, an improvement in your pace will tell you that you are making progress towards your health goals.

Welcome to RunningPaceCalculator.com

RunningPaceCalculator.com is a full featured running pace calculator for runners or anyone who wants to calculate their pace while running, walking, racing or via other means.

The site has launched with three primary running applications.

  • Calculate your pace while running or racing
  • Determine the distance you have run
  • Calculate the time of your run

There is also a full pace chart for any calculated pace. The pace chart can be viewed in either miles or kilometers with special call outs for the half-marathon and marathon.